The ISA International Education Group (ISAIEG) was founded by senior education experts from many of the world’s top international education groups. The expert team comes from prestigious schools in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China and China Hong Kong, among them are leaders in the education industry who have held key positions such as principals and education directors in schools such as Wesley, Harrow School, Singapore UWC, Chinese International School and English Schools Foundation.

ISAIEG is committed to the mission Nurture Leading Talents and Pioneers for the Future. Based on the IB Learner Profile attributes and curriculum system as the framework, integrating the US, British, Chinese curriculum standards and curricula from other countries, ISA aims to provide future generations who aspire to serve in international organisations, transnational institutes, succeed in family industry, and promote cultural integration with courses including IB, A Level, AP, Physical Education, Art and other courses with assessments systems, adapting to the characteristics of different students and providing diversified pathways for further studies.

At present, ISAIEG has two international schools——ISA Tianhe International School and ISA Science City International School, 3 international course centres——ISA Wenhua Guangzhou Foreign Language School IB Programme (including Arts), ISA Wenhua International Centre for A Level (including Arts). And has established “ISA International Academy”, ”ISA Charity Fund”, “ISA Parent College” and other sections, actively building an international education ecosystem.” In addition, ISA Wuhan School and ISA Liwan opend in September 2022 .

As a major project in the global strategic plan of ISAIEG, ISA Liwan will build on ISA’s strong support and diversified characteristics, implement upgrades based on the strategic positioning to build the firstclass K-12 school featuring Lingnan culture in the Greater Bay Area.