College Counselling Centre

Personalised Tutoring to Pave the W ay to the World Top Universities

Based on the vision and mission of ISA International Education Group and ISA Liwan, ISA Liwan College Counselling Centre attaches great importance to each student's personal goals and growth, takes student growth as the core of practice, provides students with personalised support, and assists children in exploring the most suitable option for university pathways.

The College Counselling Centre is equipped with a senior team and adopts a "goal-oriented" curriculum design to provide students with a four-year college counselling course and personalised college counselling for grades 9-12. For parents, we provide regular workshops. Students have plenty of opportunities to meet face-to-face with admissions officers from world-renowned universities.

Overall Objectives for College Counseling Centre

  • To help students reflect upon and monitor their academic progress through a series of formal and progressing conferencing structure and education and career planning platform.
  • To develop and maintain good relationships between and among students and the counsellors.
  • To help students identify and develop the necessary attitudes, behaviors, and skills to succeed in school, college and life.
  • To provide students with the resources and information necessary to make thoughtful decisions about the future.

Service Beyond College Counselling


Develop study and life plans in high school


Help students develop personality and explore academic interests


Provide standardised testing strategies


Systematic parent workshops


Discuss global university options


Guide participation in research-based extracurricular activities


Guide college application essay writing


Assist with college application

Characteristics of College Counselling Centre

Experienced Team

Meg Chen
College Counselling Coordinator
  • With more than 16 years of professional experience in school counselor;
  • She monitored graduation records, transcripts, and classes for more than five hundred students as the first school counselor in a local reputable high school. She successfully guided students to be accepted by world top colleges, including Stanford University, Princeton University, Yale University, Columbia University, University of Chicago, Cambridge and Oxford etc.
  • She is a key member of the IACAC with IACAC Advanced Career Advisor Certification and has been a certified school counselor in 2011 by Collegeborad. She is entitled as Outstanding Educator by the University of Chicago, 2018-2020.
Jessie Hou
Assistant Coordinator of College Counselling Centre
  • Master of the University of Edinburgh; Bachelor of Sun Yat-sen University; she has over 8 years of experience in education, and has guided students get into the top Universities around the world, including Columbia University, University of Chicago, Brown University, Cornell University, Tsinghua University, Cambridge University etc.;
  • She has been awarded as “Excellent Counsellor” by CIALFO the famous American University application platform; the "Outstanding Educator" by the University of Chicago.
  • She is a key member of the ChinaICAC with IACAC Advanced Career Advisor Certification and has been a certified school counselor by Collegeborad.

Goal-oriented Curriculum Design

ISA Liwan College Counselling Centre adopts a "goal-oriented" curriculum design. We design the curriculum according to students’ goal, and sets the curriculum in the following order, so that the curriculum system and training objectives can be matched and connected:

Education objectives (suitable career pathway)
Required knowledge and competencies
Curriculum and teaching content

Four Year Plan

Based on the goals, ISA Liwan College Counselling Centre provides individualised support for students and their families, and the college counselling courses is provided from G9 to G12:

  • G9: Personality assessment; discovering interests
  • G10: Getting to know overseas well-known schools
  • G11: Research for universities and majors
  • G12: Steps into the implementation of applying to university

The four-year college counselling courses will help each child explore the most suitable choice for further education.

Curriculum Content

  • Develop a four-year plan;
  • Personality assessment, exploring interests;
  • Participate in extracurricular activities;
  • Research summer activities;
  • Review and summarize the experience of grade 9
  • Continuous participation in non-academic activities
  • Challenging a difficult course
  • Attend a university fair to learn about the university
  • Explore academic interests and consider summer schools as appropriate
  • Prepare for standardized tests;
  • Review and summarize the experience of grade 10
  • Deeply involved in some extra-curricular activities
  • Standardized examinations, in-depth academic activities
  • Start major and university research;
  • Career assessment
  • Build up college list, application letter of recommendation;
  • Finalize college list
  • Application essay writing
  • Prepare for the interview
  • Submit applications
  • Follow up applications
  • ……

Parents' Workshop

Children are not isolated islands on the way to their universities, and parents are also important participants.

Therefore, the College Counselling Centre will provide parents with a wealth of workshops based on the students' curriculum needs at each stage.

Examples of Parent College Topic

  • How to choose the study destination
  • How to make a four-year plan
  • How to develop effective extra-curricular activities
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Preparing for STEM
  • A deep understanding on AP, IB and A-level curriculums

The College Counselling Centre of ISA Liwan will guide students from enrollment to graduation, design personalized plans for further education and career exploration, being prepared for a glorious and challenging future and escort students to apply for admission to global top universities.