Background of Lingnan Culture in Liwan

Lingnan culture has a long history. Lingnan culture is an advanced culture in modern China, which has a great influence on modern China. Lingnan culture, with its unique characteristics of pluralism, pragmatism, openness, compatibility and innovation, adopts the essence of the Central China and absorbs the new wind of the four seas. It has developed a school of its own in the forest of Chinese culture and has played a positive role in promoting the economic and social development of Lingnan region and even the whole country. This is the deposit of Lingnan culture, but also the background of Guangdong education.

Courses on Lingnan Culture

While providing high-level international education, ISA Liwan School integrates Liwan-related calligraphy, painting and other literary elements into the development of co- curriculum in the manner of immersion education, offering Cantonese opera, Cantonese sculpture and Cantonese embroidery. It is also an endeavour to base our education on home culture in the national and global context.