About ISA Liwan International School

Because ISA Liwan International School will operate under an International School License there are significant differences in the content of curriculum and the pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning, including assessment. resulting in a more comprehensive holistic approach to learning.

Because there are no government directives affecting the timetable there is also quite significant flexibility in scheduling of programmes allowing for increased opportunity for intra-school engagement with other International Schools in the region and increased integration of learning through project based learning models.

Engaging as a student of ISA International School will require a commitment to increased levels of English development, however, we are committed to honouring our families cultural heritage and supporting native language skills of all our learners.

Students enrolled at ISA Liwan International School will be well equipped to transfer to other international schools anywhere in the world. The programme of studies, design of reports as well as cultural experience of the faculty make for a smooth and seamless transition to other international school systems.

Moreover, students completing the ISA Liwan International School (Under Construction) pathway will be best suited for tertiary studies at the best universities around the world.

Teachers at ISA Liwan International School must undergo a very stringent screening and interview process. All teachers must hold at minimum a full term bachelor’s degree from a world recognised, accredited university. In addition they must also hold a recognised teaching qualification (that includes formal pedagogical training) from one of the following countries or a recognised equivalent: Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, European Union. Finally, they must have a minimum of five years of teaching experience in international schools or schools from one of the above mentioned regions. This means that their English language skills must be at first language level proficiency for those nations. The majority of teachers will also hold advanced degrees and will have direct curriculum experience.

ISA Liwan International School recognises the value and strength of diversity and will ensure a balanced team of professionals that represents a truly global and inclusive approach to learning and living.

All teachers with the exception of specialist language and culture disciplines will be fully qualified foreign teachers as noted above.

ISA Liwan International School has a well-resourced Student Services Department that includes provision for English as an Additional Language (EAL). We are able to admit beginner language learners in various primary grades. In secondary school, because of the curriculum demands, we are able to support intermediate and advanced level English learners. We may limit the number of EAL students in each grade, depending on our available resources, to ensure that we continue to offer the highest standards of provision.

ISA International School is an inclusive school, and we are able to support students with varying learning needs, although we may not have the capability to cater for significant learning or physical disabilities. Our Student Services Department is highly qualified to offer a range of support helping to ensure that the student can be accommodated both in the regular classroom as well as through our additional learning support programmes. We believe in a strong working partnership with parents and will strive to support the student to the best of our capabilities.

Yes. The ISA Liwan International School Boarding House provides first class facilities for families near and far with both full and flexi-boarding options available. For further details please contact our team on +86 18102251037 or via WeChat: isalwis020.

From G1 – G12: Maximum of 24 students. From EY1 – EY4: Maximum of 20 students.

We see the importance in developing a solid partnership between home and school where we believe that family and community involvement will make a positive impact on student learning, behaviour and attendance. LWIS is committed to engage families in meaningful ways to improve student learning. Families can engage in their children’s school activities and contribute to the community through service-learning opportunities. We offer a variety of parent workshops and activities including topics such as parenting in the 21st century, the power of transdisciplinary teaching and learning and many more.

Application Process

ISA Liwan International School offers learning opportunities to eligible families who identify with our school’s philosophy. ISA Liwan International School is an inclusive school that serves a diverse student population with a range of nationalities, languages, economic and cultural background, and abilities.For students who want to study in our school, the procedure is to complete a detailed application, attend a set of diagnostic evaluations of a range of skills and aptitudes, and a formal full family interview with the Head of School to ensure the greatest likelihood of success in reaching personalised goals.

Applications for all year groups can be made anytime of the year.

For more information about the criteria, please feel free to contact us on +86 18102251037 or via WeChat: isalwis020