Introduction to Student Council

ISA Liwan is dedicated to building a student-centered influential education system, providing students with education in personal development and social skills, cultivating students’ personality and encouraging every young member to contribute to school culture and featured events. As a self-governing party led by student leaders, Secondary Student Council will practice the slogan of ISA Liwan - Be the change, Make a difference, planning and organizing students’ activities on campus, and advocating students’ autonomy. At present, the following activities have been carried out or planned:

  • Students’ Club Fair
  • Teachers’Day Gift-giving
  • Discovering China Around You
  • Growing at ISA

In the future, the leaders of the Student Council will bring more exciting activities to the students in ISA Liwan, and will exert efforts in building a more harmonious and beautiful ISA community.

Organization of Student Council

To facilitate the communication within the division and provide students with more opportunities to display their talents, secondary school has established student-governing organizations to support daily management, cultivate students’ leadership and epitomize school mission. As an essential component of these organizations, Student Council takes charge of the fundamental issues including self-management and student-led activities.