Ingrid Delange
Teacher of Mathematics
Head of House
  • Ingrid is a passionate educator. With over 22 years’ experience as a teacher of Mathematics and TOK teacher, she is also a high school Head of Year, IB senior examiner, content creator and author for numerous educational publishers (Oxford University Press, Kognity, the IB...) as well as a sustainability leader and a Wellbeing and Mindfulness field practitioner and Duke of Edinburg l. She came to China 10 years ago after having taught in UK, Egypt and Uganda. She holds 2 masters and 3 degrees: Maths MSc, PGC, BSc Hons, (Open University / Paris 6 University), Linguistics & French as a 2nd Language MA ( Rouen University ), Visual Arts-Media studies Ba ( Panthéon-Sorbonne University), PGCE, (St Martin’s College), English Ba ( Jules Verne/Keele University) and a few other qualifications in Sustainability and Counselling.
  • Enthusiastic, creative and committed to the IB philosophy, she has a very holistic approach of teaching. She sees the role of a teacher as a key part of the development of the child into a well-balanced adult, a self-regulatory learner and -obviously- a citizen of the World. To enhancement intrinsic motivation, she believes students need to be inspired to develop a clear understanding of their ideal selves and the influence of their surrounding. This personal and global awareness empowered students with a vision of their life hence fulfill their true potential. She also thrives to make learning meaningful and impactive. Using project base learning and experiential learning she prompts critical analysis, reflections, curiosity, and creativity on top of application of academic skills. Leading student through this all process and raising future innovators and leaders is to her eyes her biggest achievement.