With an investment of 180 million USD from ISAIEG, ISA Liwan School is an education project featuring Lingnan characteristics in the Greater Bay Area and built by the ISA International Education Group with independent property rights in Southern China, and also is the project of 14th Five-Year Plan for the development of education released by the Liwan District Government. The Group will open the ISA Liwan School International School and ISA Wenhua Liwan School (Double pathway) .

The proximity and independence of the two schools facilitate the exchange and mutual learning of education resources and methods.

ISA Liwan School plans to provide an excellent learning experience of multicultural integration and global village style to students aged 2-18 years old from different countries and regions in the world, and it will become a new pearl of education with Lingnan characteristics in the Greater Bay Area.

The ISA International Education Group was founded by senior education experts from many of the world’s top international education groups, which is committed to providing students, parents and teachers from different countries with a multi-cultural campus environment, and to create a Sino-Western cultural exchange community that integrates humanities and histories from many countries.

At present, ISAIEG has two international schools——ISA Tianhe International School and ISA Science City International School; 3 international courses centres——ISA Wenhua Guangzhou Foreign Language School IB Programme (include Arts stream), ISA Wenhua International Centre for Arts. And has established “ISA International Academy”, “ISA Charity Fund”. In addition, opening in 2022 are ISA Wuhan School and ISA Liwan School.

As a major project in the global strategic plan of ISA International Education Group, ISA Liwan School will build on ISA’s strong support and diversified characteristics, implement upgrades based on the strategic positioning to build the first-class K-12 international school featuring Lingnan culture in the Bay Area.

Covering 90 mu (15 acres) with 87,000 ㎡ total construction area, ISA Liwan School is strategically located in Liwan District of Guangzhou City. It joins Guangzhou and Foshan, where the two cities are connected geographically, historically and culturally, serving the best Cantonese cuisine.

The transport around ISA Liwan School is convenient, and approximately 800 meters from the Longxi Station of Guangzhou-Foshan Metro Line. The wide Foshan waterway forms a natural water view for the campus.ISA Liwan School is under construction, and it plans to open in the fall of 2022.

ISA Liwan School follows the pattern of Topdown, designs the campus according to the curriculum system, IB’s concept of holistic education and “learner-centred”, and highly combines science and technology with humanities.

The campus plans to implant Lingnan culture, with its Lingnan buildings, pavilions, beautiful water and fragrant flowers, certified for construction and decoration materials according to the world’s most stringent American WELL standards, and is committed to providing a green, safe and environmentally friendly learning and living environment for all teachers and students.

The design standards of our campus have reached the world class:

  • Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories of international standards.
  • 800-seat auditorium
  • Olympic Track and Full-size Football Pitch
  • Multiple competition-level sport courts: basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, etc.
  • Learner pool and the aquatics centre
  • Two libraries that can contain more than 50,000 books
  • STEAM Centre and Arts Centre
  • Black Box for British Drama training and performance
  • Multiple advanced interactive learning spaces

The internationalised “inquiry classroom” is specially designed for small-sized class teaching (20-24 students) and adopts the personalised teaching. Each student has one class schedule and several tutors.

Curriculum of ISA Wenhua Liwan School (International Track)
Year Level Curriculum


EY1 - 4

  • IBPYP Framework
  • EYFS
  • UK National Curriculum Standards
  • CNC Early Years Development Guidance

Primary School

G1 - 5

  • CNC
  • Cambridge Pathway
  • Singapore Math Standards

Middle School

G6 - 8

  • CNC
  • Cambridge Pathway
  • Singapore Math Standards

High School

G9 - 10

  • IGCSE Curriculum based on the IB framework

G11 - 12

  • Multiple Curriculum Pathways
  • IBDP
  • A Level
  • AP
  • Art
Curriculum of ISA Wenhua Liwan School (National Secondary)
年级 多元出口



  • 普通高中
  • 小语种高中
  • 艺体传媒高中
  • 交换生项目
  • 国际课程高中





  • 国家课程(高考方向)
  • 学术高考升学
  • 特色发展升学
  • 多语种升学
  • 国际大学升学
  • 竞赛项目升学



ISA Liwan School brings together senior management teams and famous teachers from more than twenty countries around the world. They come from the world's top universities. They will fully integrate advanced educational concepts and the teaching experience in world-class and domestic first-class schools into the education of ISA Liwan School, to cultivate students' cultural agility and show excellent and diversified holistic education.

  • 60% of teachers have master's and doctoral degrees
  • 30% of teachers have more than 10 years of teaching experience
  • The proportion of special-grade teachers is more than 60% in ISA Wenhua Liwan School (National Secondary)
  • In ISA Liwan School International School , except for Chinese teachers and teaching assistants, other teachers are foreign ones; the proportion of the staff in management and teaching in the international stream of ISA Wenhua Liwan School is not less than 50%; and the proportion of foreign teachers in high school in the two schools is not less than 80%.

ISA Liwan School provides British boarding programme for students in primary school, middle and high school. British boarding programme for students in primary school, middle and high school.

ISA Liwan School will build a deeply immersive community of "explore, experience, and grow", and make ISA Liwan School become a "Second Home" for students:

  • Equipped with the most modern boarding facilities in the Guangdong-Hong KongMacao Greater Bay Area.
  • A diversified and flexible boarding model and a true multi-language boarding environment.
  • A safe, friendly and efficient learning and living environment.

The pursuit of daily boarding life is to achieve a balance between disciplined living and entertainment. A variety of activities allow our students to value and respect others, while developing independence.

Our staff, tutors, academic supervisors, teachers and school doctors will form an experienced and dedicated team to provide 24-hour guidance, support and services for students' learning, living, cultural and social needs.

The school Transportation Hub with professional management and service will provide high-standard and efficient school bus service for students from kindergarten to high school.

Our bus routes cover all areas of Guangzhou City and spread to the cites in the Greater Bay Area, which will help students commute safely and conveniently, and make parents feel at ease.