Modern Campus with Traditional Features and Gardens

ISA Liwan School is embedded with the essence of Lingnan culture and adheres to the architectural philosophy and aesthetic standards of ISAIEG's schools, combining a high degree of technology and humanity. ISA Liwan School is committed to providing a green, safe and environmentally friendly campus that provides a stimulating learning environment for all teachers and students. The Lingnan buildings and pavilions mix with beautiful water scenery and fragrant flowers that are all certified for construction by the world’s most stringent American WELL standards.

The design standards of ISA Liwan School campus are truly world class. There is an 800-seat Auditorium, multiple event-level Sports Hall, Aquatics Centre, 400m running track and stadium, large library, STEAM centre and technology rich learning spaces. Liwan campus provides the best start for children to grow into an exciting future.

Elements of Lingnan Architecture

When designing the campus, ISA Liwan School stick to the IB's holistic education philosophy by keeping the learners needs at the centre of the process. Incorporated with the finest Lingnan architectural element.

As an important proponent of local culture, Lingnan architecture occupies an integral part of Chinese architecture. It is characterised by simplicity, transparency, and elegance. The design of the campus pursues the spirit of freedom, naturalness, and student orientation. It is characterised by good lighting, spaciousness and diversity of shapes drawing from the pragmatic and exquisite Lingnan gardens. We strive to build an international campus not only with Lingnan style and contemporary spirit but also with traditional elements and Liwan features.