Review of ISA Festival

Time flashed and seasons passed. In this thriving spring, thank you for being here with us writing the new chapter. The ISA Festival, with the theme of ‘Rhythm of Seasons’, followed seasons as a clue, together, we unveiled the beauty and charm.

ISALW G1 – G5 Science Field Trip

At ISA Liwan, outdoor inquiry teaching is an important part of the inquiry process. IB inquiry-based teaching encourages and guides students to explore the world. Through contact with real life situations, students expand their horizons, but also improve their scientific ability.

Count Down to 2 Days!

Dear Distinguished Guests, ISA Festival Count Down to 2 days! Let's see what's on offer for the ISA Festival this year.

ISA Liwan Boarder’s Formal Dinner

ISA Liwan's Boarding Tradition – The Boarding Dinner, held on the evening of March 22, 2023. At the dinner, the principal, teachers, boarding team and boarding students enjoyed a time of connecting together. The theme of the dinner was the culture and tradition of Italy and Ancient Rome.

3.18 ISALW K12 – Open Day

What kind of students do the world's top universities prefer?Someone said, it is a person who able to develop academically, socially and personally, and who is able to realize his or her potential and move forward in a practical manner. Someone said, it is a person who is inclusive, who has a deep understanding of the culture and traditions of his country, who can respect other cultures, and who seeks common ground while preserving differences.

ISALW Open Day & Parents College

The education of children requires close cooperation between school and family. Adhering to the concept of home-school co-education, ISA Liwan sincerely invites families to join our ISA Liwan Early Years Open Day and Parent College Event on Wednesday, March 1st. Let children be immersed in an international campus environment and experience the wonderful trial classes provided by EY teachers. Let us discuss how to develop children's abilities and promote children's all-round development.